Our aim is to eradicate third world diseases, such as Malaria, with mass spectrometry technology, as well as the recovery of endangered plants through in vitro propagation. From Aleovitro we want to solve social problems from the local.

Vision and Strategy

Our vision is based on a firm commitment to innovation so as to offer high quality services responding current and future needs in agrobiotechnology sector. ALEOVITRO carries out its activity from a commitment to innovation that acts as the engine of the R&D&i strategy, focused on improving services and processes that place the company as a benchmark in the sector.

We consider that the involvement of all staff in innovation processes is essential, therefore the company encourages and supports creativity and generation of new ideas. This is materialized through the “Innovation Committee” composed of Management and Responsible of each Area that pursues the development of projects born from collaboration with the partners of different nature that promote the knowledge exchange and improvement of the services provided.

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