R&D policy

ALEOVITRO considers research and development fundamental to its strategy. Therefore, it maintains a firm commitment to the continuous search for innovative solutions to respond to the demands within the agrobiotechnology sector. In this line, it assumes the will to implement and maintain an R&D&i Management System in accordance with the standard “UNE 166002” that meets all the requirements of the reference standard, as well as other mandatory requirements.

With this conviction, the organization carries out its activity based on the R&D&i policy established by business´s management and based on the following principles:

– To encourage motivation and support the creativity of all members of the organization for the development of new ideas.

– To include a process of continuous technological surveillance that generates a source of useful knowledge at the service of the entire organization.

– To identify the needs of stakeholders and promote positive and interactive relationships providing maximum satisfaction for both parts.

– To detect and evaluate opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange that generate new innovative projects in a continuous improvement environment.

– To analyze the internal R&D&i Management System periodically for external and internal changes, with proactive vision oriented to a continuous improvement.

This R&D&i policy is communicated and is available to all members of ALEOVITRO as well as to its stakeholders.

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